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10 % KARTE

In Bol apartments we spend a lot of time thinking about those little things that we can do extra for our customers to make their vacation better and more pleasant than in all other apartments in Bol.

Why 10 %?

Owners of many top restaurants and excursion boats …etc in Bol have offered to all of us Bol apartments owners from Bol , commission of 10 % from each guest  for bringing customers to them . We decided to accept that offer with a few changes : instead of  taking a  commision , our guests get 10 % discount   in only a  few restaurants by our choice, who’s owners  have the same point of view as us  when it comes to providing a good service for the guests . My family and I build this business for the years to come  so we demmand a great food and excellent service for our Bol apartments Gospojica guests . Our award is happy face of our guests and a nice memories they’ll take to their homes and hopefully return one day or recommend us to their friends .That is why we arranged 10 %  discount with top 5-6 restaurants in Bol . Restaurant Jadranka is our favorite one.It is the first and the oldest restaurant in Bol .I would like to add that  It is the place where the locals go. Their speciality is fish and their secret is daily fresh from the local fishermans . Every morning lady Jadranka wake up at 5 am to ensure that You get the freshest seafood in Bol.


Exscursion  boat Frane is definitely a must do thing in Bol . All these years we have send so many guests from Bol apartments and there were all very satisfied with great experience of two hours  journey between the two most beautiful Croatian islands.You can enjoj your free breakfast and 10 % discount in here as well.

We have a small boat what you can rent  to explore Bol from the sea side.

Rent a car , rent a boat  rent a scooter are just some of the extras that we provide in our Bol apartments in island Brac Croatia, top restaurants in Bol island Brac ,excursion in Bol